If you are interested in investing in residential property, either as a commercial enterprise or as a home for yourself, you should be aware that a number of loan options exist other than the standard homeowner loans and Buy-to-Let (BTL) finance offered by mainstream lenders.

Commercial lenders have a good appetite for residential property investment projects, especially in cases where the investor has an existing portfolio. A number of stress techniques are used to determine credit worthiness, based largely on a bricks and mortar valuation of the asset and an evaluation of the rental income.

At Rapid Bridging Ltd we have excellent access to these bespoke lenders and the knowledge to structure your application so it will stand the best chance of approval. Bridging loan options for owners and investors include residential bridging loans.

Residential Bridging Loans - Looking for Investment Property Loans?


Auction Finance for Owners

We can arrange a secured bridge loan for auction properties where you are buying a residence for yourself. Frequently, residential property will be put up for auction if it cannot be sold through traditional marketing. The property may be derelict or non-standard and as such it may not be suitable security for the majority of standard lenders. Loans for auction are specifically designed to overcome this issue.

Equity Release for Owners

If you wanted to renovate an existing property, convert a barn or even self-build a property we can help you arrange a property equity release from an existing asset to fund the development. We can also arrange the release of equity if you wanted to buy before you can sell or if you are trying to stop a property chain from breaking down.


Auction Finance for Investors

If you are an investor looking to expand their existing portfolio by buying property at auction, we can help you by putting residential investor loans in place quickly to allow you to capitalise on the opportunity you have identified.

Equity Release for Investors

Rapid Bridging Ltd can help investors utilise existing equity in their portfolio, whether it is needed for renovations or acquisitions. We can also arrange investment property loans to allow you to exit from your existing lender onto a cheaper rate or even in cases where residential bridging loans are urgently needed to avoid bankruptcy.

To Get a Quote or find out more about our bridging loan options for residential owners or investors please Contact Rapid Bridging today.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage




Is your business in desperate need of short term finance? A commercial bridging loan can help you:

  • Raise Capital to fund business growth
  • Overcome financial difficulties
  • Take advantage of a business opportunity
  • Fund a property purchased at auction

We can help purchase and re-finance your commercial property.

Residential Bridging Loans from 0.65%


It can be hard to find a development bridging loan, but we have the contacts and experience to help you:

  • Fund any type of renovation project
  • Take advantage of a bargain you don’t want to miss
  • Source finance for a property that’s otherwise unmortgageable

We can reduce the stress as part of your property development team.

Bridging Loan Options from 0.35%


When you need to raise money from property or land you own, a residential bridging loan can help you:

  • Buy before you sell, to avoid a chain breaking
  • Fund property you are buying at auction
  • Release urgent finance from your property or land assets

We’ll arrange your residential bridging loan quickly and easily.

Residential Bridge Loan from 0.55%